OOTD: Red Shirt and Skirt with Lace Hem

It seems like Korean fashion has taken the world by storm in the past year or so. I’ve been eyeing the latest Korean fashion trends and diving more and more into Korean-style outfits lately because it fits my style! I recently chose this cute Korean-inspired outfit: red tee and a black skirt with red, yellow, and blue circle patterns and a lace hem.


The skirt’s lace hemline ends above the knee and emphasizes my long legs and makes them seem longer and slimmer. The waistline of this stylish skirt isn’t too tight but emphasizes my small waist and makes the curves more prominent despite the fact that my red shirt is tucked in.


The red shirt I wore is cotton and feels light and airy. It has a cute statement that says “Call me” but it is very minimal to balance the colorful patterns on my skirt.


I chose a small red sling bag to carry with me, it’s just enough to carry my phone, lip balm, and some money. For my footwear, I chose blue shoes with eyelets but no lace and it looks cute with my outfit. The shoes are very comfortable and light! They’re used (like new) and just might be my new favorite because this pair looks stylish, with eyelets that are not intended to be shoe-laced.



What did you think of this OOTD? Would you have worn it or not? Which item is your favorite? Thanks for reading, I definitely will be sharing more Korean outfits in the future. Since it’s spring, I might draw some ideas from my blog posts Spring 2020 Outfit Ideas and Valentine’s Outfit Ideas for Her.



Athena x

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