5 Comfy Pants from the Thrift Store

I’ve been sharing the clothes I wear outdoors ever since I created this blog! Now that I’m currently isolating myself inside my home, I decided to share the pants outfit that I wear inside the house. I always go for light and comfy clothes when staying indoors. Most of my indoor clothes are from thrift stores! Not only do I get to save money, but I also get the chance to support small businesses. When paired with the right top, these would make wonderful at home outfits or indoor outfits. Here are the colorful and comfortable pants with pants design that add color and style to my indoor outfit:


This one is the most comfortable of them all! It has very light fabric and sometimes it even feel like I’m not wearing anything. It’s perfect for hot summer days. This one also has a very intricate design or pattern. The only downside is that it is a bit lacking on color, but I guess the pretty patterns make up for it.


This pair looks more like square pants when worn. It’s not as light as the first pair but still comfortable. What I really love about this one is the burst of color! It reminds me of a tropical island during the summer, even when I’m stuck at home.


This one has a pretty pattern too, just like in the first one. Even though it’s only black and white, I’m quite satisfied since the contrasting colors show off the beautiful design even more.


This orange one has a similar style when worn as the second pair of pants. They both have similar texture. The orange is even brighter and more vibrant in real life. It’s such a pretty color to wear!


This last one is tighter on my legs and the waistband is firmer too. I would have considered this pair similar to leggings but it’s not made of stretchable material. It’s still very comfy though and I usually wear it whenever I’m cleaning the house since it doesn’t get in the way.



Which one of the five pairs do you like the most? Thank you for taking the time to read!



Athena x

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