How COVID-19 is Affecting Me and My Blog

COVID-19 is affecting everyone. The economy is a mess and everywhere there is chaos–a silent type of chaos that lingers in the hearts of all. Supermarkets and supplies have gone dry, and everyone is hiding within the confines of their homes, fearing the virus that is not only killing people but also hopes, dreams, and certainty of the future.

In the midst of this pandemic, it’s important for everyone to remain calm and think with a clear mind. We all need our coping mechanisms now more than ever. This is a scary time for everyone, mostly because eight billion people are up against something so tiny yet so powerful.

For me, blogging is my coping mechanism. It may be selfish to say that I have been using my extra time at home for blogging, but I know that this keeps my mental state healthy. Writing is one of my ways of expressing myself, and that is exactly what I am doing now. Blogging may take a lot of time and effort and has made me feel lacking in creativity and motivation numerous times, but it’s what I love.

I admit that consistent blogging drains me a lot of energy and creativity. Yet, all this effort distracts me from the bone-chilling ‘what-ifs’: What if my family gets infected? What if my loved ones catch the virus? It drives me insane whenever I think about those. Blogging is my distraction. It helps me focus on what I love: fashion and style. Despite being cooped up inside the house, I am still able to exercise my social skills by replying to blog comments and interacting with fellow bloggers on social media, Twitter especially.

How is COVID-19 affecting my blog?

I’ve been publishing my blog posts irregularly on here. I’ve been keeping myself busy at home, especially with workouts and chores. I’ve found a way out of my reading slump and I have been reading some young adult books lately. Even though I miss my old blogging routine, I’m quite happy that I have found happiness in my old hobbies again.

You might notice that I am still publishing blog posts about my outfits (OOTDs). The ones I am currently posting are actually taken weeks ago. I’m glad I took photos already because they’re really useful nowadays. My OOTD blog posts like OOTD: Floral Pink Fitted Top and Black Drape Pants and OOTD: Yellow Top and Checkered Miniskirt were taken probably a month or two ago. I’m planning to take photos of my outfits at home as well.

I’ve been doing my best to make my blog posts relevant and helpful. I recently published a blog post called 5 Comfy Pants from the Thrift Store wherein I shared some of my stylish but comfortable pants that I got from thrift stores, which I’ve been wearing a lot at home lately.

What else have I been doing lately?

As I mentioned before, I’ve been rediscovering some of my old hobbies and discovering new ones! I’ve taken on a daily health routine which involves exercise, healthy meals, and taking vitamins and supplements for my immune system. I get sick easily so I felt it was necessary to strengthen my immune system. Apart from that, I’ve also been helping around the house and doing some self care and skincare.

If you’re ever feeling bored, here are some activities you can do indoors, hopefully it will help ease your mind.

My motivation isn’t exactly at an all-time high but I’m glad I’m still able to share positive things on social media. I know everyone needs it especially in this crisis, and I’m glad I could help in my own little way.



Athena x

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