OOTD: Plaid Shirt and Shorts

It’s spring season in some countries but here in the Philippines, it’s hot and sunny summer already. The temperature can reach up to 33 degrees Celsius. I decided to dress up with a summery outfit. I dug around my closet and found a really cute plaid shirt with red, green, and white checkered patterns. The shorts I’m wearing, if I remember correctly, are the same pair I wore on my recent trip to Manila (last December).


I’m wearing a plaid shirt tucked into my denim shorts. I had a dilemma choosing from My Bag Collection , but I finally decided to wear my red Michael Kors sling bag, which is very cute and tiny! It was just big enough for my phone and money and is very light.

IMG20200405173838-01-02 (1)

The shoes I’m wearing are the similar to the ones I wore in OOTD: Red Shirt and Skirt with Lace Hem but has a different style. It fits really snug on my feet and I’m glad they didn’t cause pain since some shoes tend to leave my feet red and sore.

IMG20200405173828-01-02 (1)

A clear view of my Michael Kors sling bag. By the way, I used Hair Treats hair shine for my hair, which I talked about in my Hair Care Products I Recommend blog post.

I really enjoyed sharing this one even though this was taken weeks ago. It really gives me positive summer vibes. Stay safe, everyone!



Athena x

One thought on “OOTD: Plaid Shirt and Shorts

  1. The outfit is really cute, you’re lucky to have hot temperatures, here in Canada it’s still a bit cold. Other than that I hope you have a good day even though it’s sunny outside but you can’t go out, hoping for this lockdown to be over soon.

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